An Almost Normal Day

Praise the Lord, I didn’t need that MRI-guided biopsy yesterday.  Thank you for praying with me that I wouldn’t need that.  Emotionally, I am doing okay for now, but physically, I’m feeling a little ragged and it really lifted my spirits to hear that all the lymph nodes on the left side were normal and made my day that I didn’t have to go through the torture rack  MRI-guided biopsy!  It made the ultrasound guided biopsy much easier to withstand.

Also, yesterday morning’s exam showed that the second mass located by the MRI last week is what they call a satellite tumor, or sometimes referred to as a “daughter mass” —  likely somehow connected to the original mass.  In fact, the radiologist said it was probably there a few weeks ago when I first went in, it was just kind of “hidden” behind the larger tumor until the MRI identified it.  So that’s another praise…it doesn’t appear to be a “new” cancer!

I had specifically requested prayers for the doctors as they performed that examination.  I knew it was another answered prayer when the doctor  who walked into the room was the same doctor who performed my original biopsy and called me with the pathology report.  He was very kind in the days following my diagnosis to answer all of my questions, and he provided me with a lot of reassurance yesterday regarding some of the remaining questions I had pertaining to my treatment plan.

He also advocated for me so that I only required a biopsy of the right side lymph nodes and not the satellite tumor.  I thought that was pretty nice of him!  The biopsy results will be back on the lymph nodes maybe tomorrow or the next day.  There is a chance that the lymph nodes will be benign, but I’m thinking they are probably malignant.  Pray extra hard that I’m wrong!!


At any rate, here is my treatment plan:

My chemotherapy will begin this Friday, August 12 -that’s soon, isn’t it?!

I will have 8 treatments, every two weeks (so, every other Friday)…they are starting with the stronger of the chemo drugs, which will last 4 treatments and then move on to the drugs with lesser side effects, which will also last 4 treatments. If my blood counts stay up and all goes well, I will be finished with chemo by the end of November.

Surgery will follow sometime after the chemo and then I’ll have 6 weeks of radiation.  I really can’t think that far ahead right now.  I get a little overwhelmed thinking about the surgery, especially…so for now just taking one day at a time with the chemo!


I’ve had some very nice visits over the past few days and some thoughtful gifts that will help my family and I through this trying time.  We appreciate that.

Thank you for the cards, phone calls, emails, facebook messages, visits, and most of all the prayers…the encouragement and kind words mean so much!


Today has been an almost normal day…I was here all day with the kids and Brandon went to work.   Couldn’t pick up the babies, but I was able to hold Wade and give him some bottles, so that was nice.  And what do you know, I was even able to change some diapers!

I also had some little visitors (and their mom) with me most of the day…that was a nice distraction and a huge help!

Regan and Wade – 4 mths apart

Callie and Cadence – 4 mths apart

Most of the day they  either chased each other around or dumped out baskets of toys (sorry, Hil…not even close to being sorted anymore!),  but we did manage to convince them to sit down for a bit!

Five kids three and under is fun!  Tomorrow should be a very similar day.  I’m looking forward to it!


About Candace

Stay at home mom of three small kids (3, 2, and almost 1) -- about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.
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2 Responses to An Almost Normal Day

  1. Laurie says:

    Blessings Candace. Its amazing how the little things and the most simple things matter the most in life. But do we really stop and think about it or look for it. God has a way of showing us this simple message in life and once you grasp it, you can enjoy every part of life, every day life even changing the diapers. Some people never get it……but I know you have and it is a blessing. So enjoy your little ones and everyone elses little ones and all the little things of the day. Remmeber, God always shows up. Got you in my prayers.

  2. normalcy is a very , very good thing……let the kids keep you smiling!!! 🙂

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