Why my chemo was postponed…

I was so afraid that tonight I would be puking my guts up or passed out from all the anti-nausea meds, but as you may have heard, my chemo was postponed today.

Yesterday afternoon I had a phone call from the surgeon’s office letting me know that he wanted to see me this afternoon.  I asked the scheduler to confirm that I would have my chemo and then go see Dr. S and he assured me, yes, go to chemo, then go to clinic for the surgical consult.  I thought it was a little odd, but figured he just wanted to touch base.

So this morning as I approached oncology check-in, I “just happened” to see the good surgeon in the hallway – I told him that I hoped I would feel up to talking with him after my chemo – he looked confused and told me that I wouldn’t be having chemo.

Turns out I need yet another biopsy.  It is called a sentinel node biopsy and it is actually the removal of some indicated lymph nodes.  The results of this biopsy will play a role in my surgery (still set for after I finish all my chemo).

Monday morning I will go for the first part of the biopsy treatment(they will inject dye into the tumor) and Tuesday I will go in for the procedure.  I will be sedated again and am not really looking forward to the anesthesia, but at least I think we’ll be better prepared with anti-nausea meds.

Thank you all for praying for me today…keep praying!!  And my first chemo is now scheduled for next Thursday morning (Aug 18).

On a positive note:

  • 7 days after my port placement, I am finally starting to see how I might be able to have some level of comfort with the port in place.  It has been pretty painful up until this point, but I think I turned a corner this afternoon, and am just praying that it feels better and better!
  • I will be stronger next week when I start the chemo
  • I will have several “good” days with the kids before the chemo starts
  • I will be able to go to Ella’s birthday party this weekend!  I was so afraid I was going to miss it.

I wasn’t looking forward to the chemo today, but I was looking forward to getting one of the treatments behind me…but next Thursday will be here before I know it!

Stay tuned for the next post to see what we got into after our surgical consult this morning! : )


About Candace

Stay at home mom of three small kids (3, 2, and almost 1) -- about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.
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