Hey guys!  This is Lydia typing.  Candace starting writing this post last night and didn’t get a chance to finish it before she went in for her chemo this morning.  Before she drifted off to sleep earlier this afternoon, she asked me to come on here and post what was already written. She knew ya’ll wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t a finished product.


Tonight, as usual, I am feeling blessed.

God really let me feel how much support I have today in several different ways!  I was a little worried that the dread and anticipation of tomorrow’s chemo treatment would get me down, but instead, I had phone call after phone call, visit after visit, card after card in the mail, and messages and comments galore here on the blog and FB that have been such an encouragement!!  It would take me all day to list you all out, but THANK YOU.

I love seeing and hearing from all of you.  I know sometimes I hesitate to send messages/cards/whatever…from now on, I hope I won’t!

Tomorrow is my second chemo treatment.  I am already feeling a little bit of anxiety, not because I don’t think it will be okay, but because I know that just by the nature of chemotherapy, I’m gonna have some rough days ahead…and that’s okay, because hopefully that means it is working.  But it still doesn’t make the vomiting any easier!

I feel somewhat better prepared this time.  I have a plan laid out for child care, meals are taken care of and the kids will also understand what to expect.


I posted earlier in the week about having an appointment at Duke.  It was at the Hereditary Cancer Clinic.  I’ve already posted about the fact that I have the BRCA1 gene mutation.  Yesterday my mom, aunt, and sister went to also be tested and to talk with the genetic counselor, Robin.  I hope she doesn’t think we’re too crazy!!  It was nice for them to be at the hospital with me, but I pray that they don’t have the gene.  Would you also pray that with me?  Well, for my sister and aunt, anyway…it is almost a given that my mom DOES have the gene!


I was reminded today (thanks, Vickie!) that I hadn’t shared the results of my sentinel node biopsy.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t good news.  The surgeon removed three lymph nodes, and all three of them showed malignancy (cancer).   The good news is, they didn’t show large cancers. The better news is, we already know from the PET/CT scans that the cancer had not already spread beyond that!

I have been confused by the need for all of these biopsies.  The first was of the tumor and the second was a lymph biopsy from the axilla.  As it turns out, the sentinel node was also testing the axilla nodes.  I knew that, but somehow it didn’t click in my head [CHEMO BRAIN…(thanks for that phrase B and J)]!


About Candace

Stay at home mom of three small kids (3, 2, and almost 1) -- about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.
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3 Responses to Blessed

  1. Robin Pickard Nutting says:

    You are such an inspiration. I have stopped myself several times from writing, doubt you even know who I am, but your mom and dad should. Your strength, courage, faith and attitude makes myself thankful for all my many blessings and definitely, my health. My God continue to shower you with His love and healing. What a blessing for all the love and support you are surrounded with. I don’t know you personally, but I assure you ,your parents and God did a fabulous job. Keep the faith and know you have even more prayers being sent your way. God Bless!

  2. Phyllis Dixon says:

    Candace,I pray that you are not as sick feeling after this second treatment…You are such an Inspiration to me and I’m sure lots of others.You are going through every woman’s nightmare,but you still smile and Praise God!! Your strength and faith is so strong and that is what will help you overcome the sickness..God loves you and HE is the GREAT HEALER!!!! Praying for your Aunt and your sister that they Do Not have the gene…May God Wrap His loving arms around your family and keep you safe!!

  3. prayers for your sister and aunt!!!! and praying that this round is easier and does what your body needs it to do……i’m sorry that the nodes were malignant….ugh……but again, your quick look for the silver lining is amazing!!!!!! i love your positive outlook on everything!!! ❤ you girl!!!!!

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