Late Night Ramblings

I’ve got to say – yall have loved me through this very well, so far!!

I am halfway finished with the chemo!  :woohoo:  Not sure if I ever elaborated on what all my treatment plan included because it literally makes me physically sick if I think (or try to write) about it too much.  Amazing that the treatment has such a strong physiological element to accompany the physical part of it.

At any rate, my first four treatments were A & C – Adriamycin and Cytoxan  … last Friday the oncologist shared that on a scale of 1-10, both of those drugs ranked at 10 on the nausea-causing scale.  I believe it!  These medicines have been no joke!!!

My next four treatments will be Taxol -it is said to only rank as a 1 on the nausea scale, but carries its own set of side effects, often mirroring flu-like symptoms in patients and causing tingling/burning in the extremities.  I could do without any of those symptoms if you feel led to pray that way. 😉

I just wanted to pop in and say hello tonight.  It seems like day five has kind of consistently been the day that I can start easing back into a daily routine following a treatment.  Hopefully it won’t take me five more days to get completely back on track!

I’ve been able to get down some more fluids this treatment, and I think that helps tremendously.  Well, that, plus your continued prayers!  I noticed today that some people have signed up to fast and pray for me on the Care Calendar that I don’t even really know…THANK YOU!  That means so much to me.

I continually feel I am under attack by Satan, whether it be personally, or against my family, my friends or my children…Satan is constantly on the prowl.

1 Peter 5:8

  8Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

Who else wore out your Witness cd from Camp Caswell (1994-95 (?)) with this song on it?!


I’m just trying to stand fast in my faith right now.  I feel frustrated sometimes at things I can’t control, but trusting that God has it all under control!!  He cares for me!  I’m a Child of the King!

I would love to tell you what I think of Jesus, Since I found in Him a friend so kind and true, I would tell you how He changed my life completely, He did something that no other friend could do

No one ever cared for me like Jesus, There’s no other friend so kind as He, No one else could take the sin and darkness from me, Oh how much He cares for me

Every day He comes to me with new assurance, More and more I understand His words of love, But I’ll never know just why He came to save me, Until someday I see His blessed face above    -anon


About Candace

Stay at home mom of three small kids (3, 2, and almost 1) -- about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.
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8 Responses to Late Night Ramblings

  1. Ruth says:

    Thanks for the update. Praying for you!!!

  2. Denise Ingram says:

    His love is truly amazing! I am so thankful that the worst of your treatments are over. I was praying and fasting yesterday and was thinking back about all your post and what a witness you have been thru all of this. I know He is looking down on you and smiling with tremedous pride. This is why we go thru things sometimes to draw us closer to Him and you are doing just that and in the mean time causing the rest of us to do the same. Thank you for your faithfullness! My love and prayers are with you always!!!!!!!!!

  3. your faith is amazing……i’m so happy for the update…..i look so forward to your writings!!!! 5 days of rest and recovery is not bad in the grand scheme of things, i hope with the new meds at the next treatment, are even more gently on you but just as powerful on the disease!!!!!! walking with ya girl!!!!! ❤ ya!!!

  4. Chefkel says:

    Hey girl.. stay strong. ❤

  5. Your testimony rings out loud and clear! The “joy of the Lord” is your strength. We will be coming to see your Grandma Mildred tomorrow afternoon. Michael is coming and will drive. YEAH We will stay overnight with Wade and Maxine. Hope to see you. Much love, Aunt Lavon and Uncle Eugene

  6. Jan says:

    Re: Taxol and tingling (its called neuropathy, if you are in a googling mood)

    Make sure you discuss with your doctors hydration and calcium/magnesium IVs during your treatments. While I was in pharmacy school I did a rotation at a cancer center and they were participating in a study that showed a dramatic decrease in neuropathies when patient had hydration +mag and calcium. Its worth discussing. I also linked an article about it (if you are interested in reading it).

    I know you can do this, C!! We are with you and helping you stand strong during your fight.

  7. Kandace Poindexter says:

    Yay for being halfway done!! That was an exciting day for me, too. I had the exact same treatment and I was ready to celebrate after that last AC treatment. Others had told me that Taxol was like not even being on chemo!!…. I was EXCITED for that…………………………………………………

    Wanted to give you a second to enjoy that thought…. it was not exactly true 🙂 It is definitely not as bad, but equally as bad in other ways, I always said. The things you mentioned. It really was like having the flu. But everyone is different. If I had to choose between the two, I would go with the Taxol. The most important part is you are half-way!!! I don’t know you but your faith and positive-ness are amazing. You are doing great, keep up the fight. I will keep praying for you! Satan will attack when you are down. I was more emotional with the Taxol… don’t know if it was really that or hormones or what, but kinda felt like an attack. Plus, by that point, I was DONE with the whole cancer thing. 🙂 If there is ever anything else I can do for you, please feel free to contact me.

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