Pumpkin Patch 2011

I promised pictures from today’s visit to the pumpkin patch, and here they are!

I was happy that I woke up this morning feeling fine (name that song…) — it only took a small miracle for me to get the kids up changed, dressed, fed and pack the gazillion things I felt like I needed to leave the house with!  We pulled into the pumpkin patch with the teacher and carpool from school!  Whew!

I’ve mentioned my sister in law Whitney and my cousin Laura before, but they help me so much with the girls (among many other people) and they were there again today (with cousin Callie!) to help us at the pumpkin patch.

The visit started with singing in an old barn!  This girl was so talented…she was playing the guitar, harmonica, pedal tambourine (with one foot) and pedal suitcase drum (for lack of a better description…with the other foot!).  And did I mention she was singing?  The girls didn’t know all the words to the songs she sang (Farmer in the Dell, London Bridges, etc…), but they were entranced, and got in on the action with songs like If You’re Happy and You Know It!

The singing was followed by a hayride…I rode with the girls…it was hard to take pictures of them since they were sitting in/at my lap. 🙂

Whitney sat back with Wade, but she didn’t have anything to do because Ms. Rene took Baby Wade and spoiled him while we were riding!!

After the ride, the girls picked out a pumpkin, saw some goats and other farm animals (they were not impressed), watched a little puppet show, and had a snack!

I had really hoped to get some pictures of Wade for his “birthday” pictures.  Here’s what he thought of that:

A few minutes later:

Maybe he was tired. 😉  I know I was!

Whitney and Laura helped me get all loaded up and we came home and had a quick lunch.  I got Wade in the bed and sat down to rock the girls – I quickly realized how sleepy I was and declared it was also their nap time.  I put Ella in the crib and laid down in the bed beside Cadence to sing a little before her nap.  I woke up two hours later.  All three littles still sleeping!!  That was a treat.  The pumpkin patch definitely wore me out!


Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be having Chemo #5 of 8…we’re getting there!

Praying that the side effects won’t be as severe as the first four treatments.  I have all these things running through my head when I am awake…things I need to do.  It is such a busy time of year!!  Honestly, nothing on my “to-do” list is super important, so just trusting everything will be taken care of.

I had to take a heavy dose of steroids tonight in preparation for tomorrow’s treatment.  My body is exhausted but my mind is racing.  Praying that I can go to sleep very soon.


Because my treatment isn’t until the afternoon tomorrow, we’re hoping to sneak away just a few minutes early for lunch on Franklin St. before we head over to Durham.  I know Brandon has missed going to the football games this year.  Please continue to pray for him and the caregivers this weekend and the following week.  They take such good care of me and the kids and I know that my kids are never in want for anything.


I think I’m all caught up on the blogs that I had intended/promised to write…except for one, and that is a really big praise report blog…I’m hoping to have it finished for Lydia to post, maybe one day this weekend.

In spite of the really big praise report though, I do continue to feel the spiritual warfare surrounding me.  I see those close to me being challenged daily.  I have some unspoken requests, and some that I may share as more information becomes available.

Overall, I just feel blessed.

And finally,  just because I love this picture even though Wade is out of focus…two of my favorite guys!!  I had a whole series of shots of the two of the, but mostly you couldn’t see their faces because Wade was smothering Grandpa with kisses!  So sweet…



About Candace

Stay at home mom of three small kids (3, 2, and almost 1) -- about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.
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4 Responses to Pumpkin Patch 2011

  1. Linda James says:

    Hang in there! I cannot believe how big your children are. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers during this time. Linda James

  2. Julie says:

    5 of 8 Candace, you are almost there!!!!! I do hope you guys are able to spend some time together before the treatment, and that this round is much easier on your body. All of the people in your life helping you are there for a reason, and pray that they and you continue to find the hope and strength needed to continue the fight. You are a strong and special woman, but you will make it through this being even stronger and more faithful!

  3. LOVE THE PUMPKIN PATCH PICTURES………..no such thing as a bad pic of such adorable kids……LOL!!!!!! i bet it wore everyone out, that looked like loads of fun!!!!! so so happy you got to go and enjoy!!!!!!!!! i hope you and brandon can ge a little quiet time before tx #5!!!!! i hope and pray that the new meds are easier on your body but still fight like a girl!!!!!!! LOL!!!! praying for you daily, and can’t wait for little :wavehello: icon to pop up!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  4. Krista says:

    As always, ADORABLE outfits on all! So glad the pumpkin day was fun! Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers (Isabelle Adeline even prays for “Cadence-in-the-purple-leotard-and-the-pink-hair-bow’s-Mommy” during our bedtime prayers)

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