I spoke too soon when I posted my previous post on Tuesday night.  I finally got to sleep around 3 am and when I woke up 4 hours later I was having some pretty intense pain throughout my body.

After trying to deal with the pain for hours on end, I called the oncology nurse and she had some medicine called in for me.  Unfortunately, it barely took the edge off…so this afternoon I called back and I’m trying something a little stronger.  It does help with the pain, but causes more nausea.  I guess it is a trade off, but I can’t currently decide what is worse…the pain or the nausea. One thing about it, with the nausea I can usually sleep it off…with the pain, I can’t sleep (or barely walk, sit with the computer, hold the kids).

I have a whole new sympathy for people with chronic pain.  It is debilitating.

A blog follower and breast cancer survivor had shared with me that these Taxol treatments weren’t as easy as the doctors made them out to be…she knew what she was talking about!

On the bright side, I think (hope, PRAY!) the worst of it is over.  I really have gotten more discouraged with this treatment than I did with the first four, but I believe that things will only get better from here, so I’m just still trudging along!  And when I talked to the nurse today she promised we could make even more adjustments to my medicines next go round to make the pain a little more tolerable.

If you would pray for my pain management I would appreciate it so much.


My mom had her surgery today.  She’s in the hospital tonight, but should be home first thing tomorrow. I hate I can’t go stay with her, but Lydia is there taking good care of her tonight.  Please pray that she have a good recovery.  The doctors said everything looked good.  I think they’ll issue a pathology report later, but nothing was suspicious as far as I know.


I’ve not really felt up to being on the computer much, but maybe I’ll have time for a new blog post in the morning.  For now I’m gonna try to set a record and be asleep before midnight two nights in a row.

Cadence asked if we could all go out for breakfast in the morning (she informed me that they had a high chair for Wade)…not sure if I’ll feel up to it, but I might give it a try!



About Candace

Stay at home mom of three small kids (3, 2, and almost 1) -- about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.
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7 Responses to Oww…

  1. Phyllis Dixon says:

    Praying for more pain control for you..

  2. Susan Wilder says:

    We are so sorry this treatment has made you so sick. You and your mother are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Hope you are asleep now! Hope and pray tomorrow is better.

  3. praying for pain management!!!!! i’m so sorry the pain is awful this go around…..
    i hope you got to bed before midnight and the meds help to keep you sleeping through the night……
    ❤ and (((((((HUGS))))))))))

  4. Allie says:

    Your strength and faith continues to amaze me. You are Always in my thoughts.

  5. Julie says:

    I’m so sorry the pain is bad this time, what a yucky choice to have to make, pain or nausea. I hope the next treatment the meds are a little better, but at least for this time, pray the pain leaves you and you feel much more yourself. I hope you feel able to go to breakfast and can enjoy yourself! And I hope you set your record and did get to bed before midnight!!

  6. Hope you woke up this morning pain free and can go to breakfast with your family! You and your family are constantly in our prayers! Love to all….

  7. Denise Ingram says:

    Hang in there Candace. The Lord will get you through! I do hope today will be a much better day for you. And it is good to know about those high chairs too! These girls are so smart. Love and prayers always!

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