Over the Hump…and Over the Rainbow!

I think I’m over the hump. It didn’t come when I thought it would with my previous post on Friday night, or even Saturday.  In fact, things were at their worst until Sunday afternoon…but this morning when I woke up, it is almost like the pain just lifted away.  I’m still very weak and dealing with some other side effects, and most importantly, not strong enough to keep the kids by myself yet…but still WAYYY better than I was…

This past week has been as much of a shock to my system as the first treatment was.  Complete with some nausea and vomiting, plus the pain and muscle weakness.

I’ll know more when I go back to the hospital on Friday, but evidently I am in the small percentage of people that respond to the Taxol with these extreme symptoms.  This was far more severe than any flu-like symptom I’ve ever felt.

Like I said in my previous post, hopefully we can adjust my medications this next go round to reduce some of the pain and other side effects.  Yall can pray for that if you would!


Random, but a funny … I posted a while back about Ella and potty training – we’re still plugging along with it.  She does really well with it most of the time.  She is embracing this whole thing, and wants to do everything herself, including putting on panties.

Last night Brandon asked me if I felt like walking back to their bedroom – when he says something like that I always try to get my camera, because it is usually something good!  That night I just grabbed my ipad for a quick picture of this little girl cracking me up!!!  Check it out:

That would be four pairs around her body and all the rest of the panties (plus a pair of PJs?) in a pile around her on the floor!

She’s a mess!


I told you the girls were having a crafty day last week and that I would share – that is the day everything really went downhill for me, but I managed to get up and take a few pictures.  I had joked about Judy having to do craft day on her own, but it turned out not to be a joke…lucky for me, she came prepared with cupcake decorating goodies and fall artwork.

First they mixed and baked the cupcakes:

And of course had a little candy! 😉

Then, while the cupcakes were baking and cooling, got started on some artwork!

You can kind of see here, first Judy traced their arm with their hand print at the top for the tree branches. Then they tore the brown paper and glued it inside their arm.  Next, Judy drew leaves for them…and honestly, I would never have thought to draw vein patterns on the leaf…she’s so good!

I think I had taken a short nap in the recliner at this point and by the time I had taken this picture (above), Ella had already finished her art.  Cadence, however, insisted on cutting out every single leaf that Aunt Judy drew, all.by.herself…she’s getting good with the scissors, Mrs. Rene and Mrs. Betty!  hah

Here is Ella’s finished work of art:

Sometime after this picture, I believe I took another short nap, and woke up to find all of the cupcakes lovingly decorated:

And some of them licked on.  Don’t worry, I ate that one. 😉

And because I know you’re all wondering, that stain washed out of Cadence’s dress!


Later that afternoon my FIL called and told us to go check out the rainbow.  It was honestly the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen.

You can see the clouds rolling in, but what an awesome reminder that God’s promises to us are true!

For some reason the song Joy Comes in the Morning kept coming to mind:

Hold on my child / Joy comes in the morning / Weeping only lasts for a night….Hold on my child / Joy comes in the morning / The darkest hour means dawn is just in sight

This was a rough week, with some long nights, but God will never leave me or forsake me….

I’m over the hump!  Things will surely go downhill again with my next treatment.  The clouds will roll in, but God’s still faithful.

And He still sends rainbows to remind us.


About Candace

Stay at home mom of three small kids (3, 2, and almost 1) -- about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.
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13 Responses to Over the Hump…and Over the Rainbow!

  1. You are amazing my friend! I adore the pictures of your little ones, keep ’em coming when you can! What a fun art project! And I laughed out loud and the pic of the panties. What a little comic you have!

  2. Cindy says:

    Those pictures are priceless…especially the panties and the licking ones! You just never know what the little ones are going to do next! I’m glad you were still able to see and appreciate fun and beauty and humor while going through your “worst” treatment. Still praying for you, your family, and your band of supporters!

  3. you are so awesome to keep us so informed!!!!! your pics are always the best…..ella is so funny……love the miss independent phase……(well kinda.LOL) …….what a great craft idea….those came out soo amazing…….the cupcake wrapper flowers…..fantastic idea!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!! (i’m such a crafting geek) and the rainbows……when most people were probably thinking…..oh crapola, a big storm is rolling in…..you found the beauty and let the girls play in the rain…….those are what the kids will remember…….(and you and brandon, too, and you know every rain storm is gonna come with 6 million “can we go play in the rain???” questions)but it’s all good……LOL…….i’m glad your over the hump!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the sounds of it, this one was a doozey!!!!!!!!! (((((((((HUGS))))))))))

  4. Jenni says:

    What fun! Such a beautiful rainbow. God is good and always with us. Glad that you are remembering that you are a beautiful and loved Child of God. We love y’all!

  5. kim moore says:

    Priceless picture Candace 🙂

  6. Youall are such clear reflections of Jesus, and I cannot begin to tell you of my admiration and thankfulness for your witness during these tough times. I rejoice in your good days and pray for your endurance and strength on the difficult ones. My love embraces all of you.

  7. Emily C says:

    Oh my goodness, Miss Ella is just too funny! Who knew you could make a whole outfit out of panties 😉 The crafts and cupcakes look like a lot of fun. I am so glad you are over the hump and hope that your next treatment will be better. Your strength amazes me!

  8. Kim Oran says:

    You are an inspiration!

  9. Jordan says:

    You have such beautiful babies, Candace. Glad to hear you’re over the hump. I’ve been following along and sending you all my healing vibes.

  10. Ruth says:

    Oh, I just love a double rainbow! What great pics! Ella cracks me up! And I am SOOO impressed with Cadence and her scissor skills! Noelle is nowhere near that good. She enjoys cutting paper into shreds. 😉 I’m so glad you are over the hump and I am really praying you’ll feel well on Thursday!!!

  11. Lisa McElroy says:

    Love the pictures! Your girls are so cute! Don’t you love catching them doing something so funny 🙂 Ella and her panties –what a priceless pic! I am glad you are feeling a little better. Hang in there, hopefully this next one wont be as tough if they can get your meds adjusted. Keeping you in my prayers!

  12. Krista says:

    HILARIOUS picture w/the pile of panties! I am praying that the treatment this Friday is not like the last.

  13. Teresa Wall says:

    I don’t comment often but I pray multiple times a day for you. I will continue to do so and I also appreciate the updates and the specific prayer requests. Your entire family is so very special to us. My thoughts of you guys hightened when reading….1 Peter 4:16 Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in this matter. For time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God” . It went on to say that “when Satan attacks you for doing God’s will, it’s both a compliment and sign of respect. CLEARLY (emphasis mine), you’re a high-value target and your represent a threat.” You’ve spoken previously about the spiritual battles your family has/is enduring. PRAISE the LORD for your faith!!! and sharing that through this blog. The suffering isn’t in vain. There are many who don’t have the relationship with the Lord that you have and your voice for HIM is far reaching!!!!
    Buckets of love to you and yours always!!! ❤

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