Treatment Update

I am feeling pretty tired tonight, but wanted to update!

Met with the radiology team today.  Their initial plan for me was to do a CT scan as soon as possible so I could start with my radiation treatments immediately (they even would have done the scan this afternoon).  As it turns out though, my limited RoM is proving to be a continued hindrance.

I need to be able to hold my arm over my head for about 45 minutes for my CT scan and radiation markings … considering I can’t even really get it above my head at all, that was a no go.  I was quickly informed that I will be in physical therapy every day until I can hold my arm above my head.  They tell me I will be ready by next Thursday.

They also said that the therapist will need to do some more of the procedure that I found to be very painful last week.  Would you pray that I tolerate the treatment well and that it is effective?


So next Thursday I will have my CT scan.  The week after that I will go back for my alignment/test (mock) run with the machine.  Then I will probably start radiation that next Tuesday.

I will have 6 weeks of treatment, Monday – Friday, so 30 treatments.  I am going to try to get their last appointment of the day.  I will only be radiated on my right side.


My question, and the question I hear frequently from friends and family, is why I need radiation if my pathology reports came back at 0% cancer.  Basically, I have been a statistical outlier through this entire process.  The doctors want to ensure that they are doing everything within their realm to make sure they have defeated all of this cancer: 1. chemo 2. surgery and 3. radiation.

In the event that some of the cancer cells “escaped” the immediate breast area or in the event that there were any cancer cells in any tissue that the surgeon didn’t remove, the radiation treatment should take care of those cells.

It makes good sense to me, even if I’m not explaining it very well.

The side effects are basically fatigue and then a sun-burn (or maybe worse) skin sensitivity/peeling at the radiation site.


Bottom line, I go back tomorrow for physical therapy.  This first appointment will probably be the most painful, and hopefully everything will be easier after that.

I should be able to get some good arm exercise in this weekend hanging up clothes for the Kid’s Exchange Consignment sale…look at all this stuff!

Needs work: WB, focus

On second though, I’ll sort, and Brandon can hang!

Oh, and maybe tomorrow or the next day I want to do a post on the consignment sale because a few of you inquired about it after my FB post the other night – I LOVE this sale, and I love talking about it (if you couldn’t already tell!).

Stay warm!  Goodnight…


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Stay at home mom of three small kids (3, 2, and almost 1) -- about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.
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2 Responses to Treatment Update

  1. Colleen says:

    Good luck tomorrow with the therapy…..I hope it’s less painful than the first go round!! Your gonna be a busy girl…kup’d when you can…(((((hugs))))))

  2. Krista says:

    I am praying that the therapy goes well, and is not miserable for you!

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