Sweet Sisters

No long blog post tonight.  I really need to get in bed at a decent hour.  Tomorrow I go back to the hospital for a CT scan that will serve as the baseline  for the doctors to administer my radiation.  Then I won’t have to go back until next week to actually be aligned with the machine and learn all the prep stuff I’ll need to know about the treatment.

My physical therapy over the past week has been awesome.   Just two pretty painful days and at home exercises – the other days at therapy turned out to be milder stretching since I have been doing so well (praise the Lord!).  I think I am ready to hold my arm up for the scan tomorrow!  Prayers appreciated for continued guidance of all doctors/nurses involved with my care…


For tonight I’ll just leave you with a quick picture from earlier in the evening. I have been sorting through clothes the past few days and wanted them to try some dresses on.

Aren’t they sweet?!





About Candace

Stay at home mom of three small kids (3, 2, and almost 1) -- about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.
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4 Responses to Sweet Sisters

  1. colleen says:

    love, love, love!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Denise says:

    They are PRECIOUS! So glad your therapy has gone so well! Love and prayers!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lisa McElroy says:

    I am so glad to hear that the therapy has gone so well over the past few days. I love the pictures that you have been posting. Your children are so beautiful and you take such amazing pics. Our family will continue to keep you, your family, doctors, nurses, etc in our prayers for your continued treatment.

  4. Emily C says:

    Adorable!! Your girls are so sweet!

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