Where I LOVE to shop!! Part 1

I think some of you saw my post on Facebook a couple of weeks ago about the Kid’s Exchange Consignment Sale and I wanted to answer some questions about it.  I LOVE this sale.  I love all consignment sales, actually.

I love finding deals!  And I especially love finding deals on clothes(and much more!) for my kids.  I first started going to this sale when Cadence was about 12 wks old – I was amazed at everything I saw for awesome prices.

I have been able to afford some really nice things that it would have otherwise taken me a while to save for (Dave Ramsey style!).

Here’s a sneak peek at what has been dropped off in the past few days at the Jim Graham building for this year’s sale, which is considered the nation’s largest consignment sale!!!

Click here to view more pictures!

I’ll be back later tonight with some helpful hints on how to shop without being overwhelmed!


About Candace

Stay at home mom of three small kids (3, 2, and almost 1) -- about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.
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