Buzzer Beater

…and DUke wins…not as hard for me to swallow tonight since I feel like they have provided excellent care for me over the past 6+ months.  Yes, it has been over six months since my diagnosis.  Way back in July, it seemed like getting to the radiation portion of my treatment would be forever away.  And here I am almost halfway finished with it!


At the time of my diagnosis and in the couple of months that followed, Cadence and Ella LOVED singing “Lord I Lift Your Name on High” with the hand motions.  It was playing on a cd in the car tonight —  for the first time in a long time I felt like doing the hand motions.  I heard Cadence say something in the back seat – I asked her to repeat what she had said, but I was correct in my first understanding: “Me and Ella liked that song when we were babies.”

She is under some misguided perception that she is a big girl now. 😉

Look at this picture of “when she was a baby” and loving that song:

The day before my first biopsy.



  • My friends had a great appointment and feel better about their prayer for children than they have in a long time!
  • The young lady, Anne, who started her chemo is doing really well and she hasn’t been too sick!
  • Martha came through her surgery GREAT!  Brandon and I had the chance to visit with her last night and Brandon saw her again tonight.  She is home from the hospital and I hope resting well.  Please continue to pray for healing and rest for her!


As for me, I could use a few more prayers for healing of my infection if you have a minute!  It is not responding as well/as rapidly to the antibiotics as we had hoped, but they are monitoring closely so things don’t get out of hand!

More Project 365 pics to come when I find the motivation to post them!  Goodnight!



About Candace

Stay at home mom of three small kids (3, 2, and almost 1) -- about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.
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3 Responses to Buzzer Beater

  1. Jan Welshenbaugh says:

    Beautiful picture – cute story! So sorry you’re dealing with cellulitis – had that after my knee replacement, so understand the seriousness of it. Please take good care of yourself, and remember, you are fighting an infection so REST! As much as we love your posts and pictures, this is a time to give your body the attention it needs and that includes lots of rest! This lecture was given with love!! Praying for your mother-in-law and thankful the surgery went well. Take care!

  2. Lavon & Ralph Motsinger says:

    Your posts are pricless! I read every on and enjoy the pictures of your children. I agree with “Jans” post to REST.

  3. Emily C says:

    Beautiful picture, Candace! I am so happy to hear that your Mother-in-law is doing well, your friend’s chemo is not making her too sick, and your other friends are feeling positive about their journey too.

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