Halfway There!

I am halfway finished with my radiation!  Three weeks down, three weeks to go…

I would like to think that the first three weeks were more difficult than these next three will be.  That infection I had was no joke.  I have felt so poorly, but every day now I get a little bit stronger, and I am happy to report that the infection finally seems to be responding to the antibiotics!

I don’t think the doctors know for sure why this infection spiked so far after my surgery.  I am more than two months post-op, and the infection showed up on my non-radiated side, but directly at the site of the left mastectomy (and then spreading out from there).  At any rate, they continue to monitor me closely, I am continuing with antibiotics, and you can continue to pray for complete healing from this!


Here are some more of the pictures I promised to catch up on, with maybe a little back up story for each!

My little man!

Ella is a little bit dramatic. She has a "boo boo" on her toe and on her finger. She had a lot of tears this afternoon - as it turned out, some of the tears probably stemmed from an ear infection that had yet-to-be-diagnosed!

The next day, she came home from preschool and climbed to the couch. Here is Cadence trying to console her. A trip to the doctor a little later in the day showed an ear infection. Unfortunately, a trip to the drug store to get medicine for it was too much...Ella got sick all in Grandma Martha's van, and later all over Grandma. Fortunately, it proved to be a 12hr bug that the rest of us miraculously avoided!

As you can see, Ella was fine the next morning...even after a night on the couch with me so if she got sick I wouldn't wake Cadence cleaning up the crib/changing sheets/etc...


The next day…Groundhog Day:

Cadence's preschool creation on that day! She was excited to tell me what she learned about "shadows."

This picture makes me smile! 🙂

More to come later!


About Candace

Stay at home mom of three small kids (3, 2, and almost 1) -- about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.
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One Response to Halfway There!

  1. Lisa McElroy says:

    Love the pictures, looks like ya’ll stay pretty busy–never a dull moment! I know how that feels!–LOL I am so glad that the infection is starting to respond to the antibiotics. We will surely keep praying that it continues to respond. Our family will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks so much for the update. I always like to check in and see how you are doing. Give me a call if you need anything! Love Ya!

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