Ready or Not…

FINALLY another blog post!

I got two cards in the mail today (thank you Aunt Debbie and cousin Alison!) — I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, but I am still here, and to clarify, I’m not going anywhere once my treatments are over!  I’ll still be here plugging along on the blog…bombarding you with pictures of my kids!

I’ve actually had several reminders this past week that people are still thinking about me and praying for me.  Thank you!  If I learn nothing else through this, I hope I have learned how much a message, a phone call or a card might mean to someone that is struggling.  I appreciate you all remembering me, even by popping in to read the blog!

I don’t really feel like talking about my treatments tonight – so I’ll just share a REALLY BIG prayer request and then a funny story.


I have a friend that has a little girl that is Cadence’s age and  is 37ish weeks pregnant with baby #2…  She has also just been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be having an induction on this Sunday, March 4 and will then quickly begin chemotherapy, have surgery, the whole shebang…all while trying to deal with her 3 yr old and a NEWBORN baby.  She lives in New Jersey and works in NYC – she and her husband really don’t have much family around, although his parents are coming in for a bit mid-March.

Would you pray for a peace that passes all understanding for Cristina?  Pray that her body will respond well to this induction and that baby boy will arrive happy and healthy!  I’ll keep you updated on her in the weeks and months ahead, but please pray for strength and healing for her.  Thank you!


And on a lighter note … We had a killer game of hide and seek going on here the other night.  Brandon and Cadence were on a team and Ella and I were on a team.  The girls have really struggled with the concept of hiding without telling us where they are, but Cadence has been improving her game a little here lately.

Anyway, Ella and I went to the back bedroom, shut the door and counted, while Brandon and Cadence hid and Wade toddled around playing.  So really…how many “good” hiding places are there for 2 people to hide?

Especially when I knew the closets were too stuffed for them to fit in, I knew they weren’t in the shower because they had already hidden there (and I looked again anyway!),  and I also knew they weren’t behind the recliner (checked), the loveseat (checked), under the beds (checked…and yes, Brandon can fit under the crib — he got me there one time because I didn’t think he would!)…they weren’t even on top of the bed under the covers (checked) – although Brandon got a big gob of pillows and crammed in a pile to make it look like someone was under the covers! 🙂

So after combing over our not so large house, I walked into the kitchen.  I knew they couldn’t fit into any cabinets.  Then I saw Wade standing by the door holding his shoes and I KNEW they had gone outside.  Plus the house was just eerily quite!  So I grabbed Ella and  busted out into the carport.  DIdn’t see them.  Opened the Trailblazer.  They weren’t there.  Checked the back yard.  Not there either.

How does a not very small 6’4″ man and a loud little 3 year old hide from me!!!?

I walked back into the kitchen and noticed the laundry room doors were open.  Like this:

A slight movement made me look again.

I am a really bad hide and seek player!!!!  Don’t ask me how Brandon fit behind those folding doors.  Lol…




About Candace

Stay at home mom of three small kids (3, 2, and almost 1) -- about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.
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One Response to Ready or Not…

  1. Lavon & Ralph Motsinger says:

    You have so much fun with your family! Lee shared about “hide and seek” with her family and sitting on “Papa God’s” lap this past week. (Lee has 4 sibblings) They were playing hide and seek and couldn’t find one of them. They looked everywhere and finally gave up. The” hidden person” was sitting on their Dad’s lap behind his newspaper! She related that memory to being hidden with Papa God! I thought this was a neat comparison!

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