Quick Update

Hi!  I know it has been ages since I posted.

Just wanted to update and ask for prayer requests this week.  Some of you have recently heard my name on various prayer lists regarding my arm — I would tell you what is going on with it except I don’t exactly know!

I did very well in physical therapy after my surgery to recover a full range of motion and all was well, but about 6 months ago I started having complications with my arm and axillary (armpit) region on the side where they removed all of my lymph nodes.  Most issues were addressed through additional physical therapy and lymphatic message, but I have had a lingering and continual cramping on my right side that is just enough to interfere with my daily routine and be a constant reminder that I am in a broken body.

Now, after a few months of physical therapy and after seeing several doctors, we still aren’t sure what is causing the cramps.  I really would love to get to the bottom of this because in addition to cramping during the day time hours, sometimes it cramps all night too.  I am already tired, so missing sleep because of this is bothersome!  I need all of my energy to keep up with these crazy kids!

Look how they have grown compared to my blog banner…it has been almost 2 years now since that picture.

Growing like weeds! Ella is 3, Wade is 2, and Cadence turned 5 in April…


So anyway, I have been waiting about 6 weeks now to be seen by someone in sports medicine.  Evidently if I need any xrays/MRIs they will be ordered from this set of doctors. Would you just pray for direction for them tomorrow (Tuesday)?


Also, I have an appointment with my Gynecologist Oncologist on Thursday.  This is part of the precautionary screening for Ovarian Cancer that I am having because of my BRCA mutation.  I know this doctor is extra concerned because I have a known BRCA 1 mutation and an unknown BRCA2 mutation, and if my first appointment with him is any indication, he will be trying to schedule me for surgery at his first open date.  I will just say that I am not completley at peace with that option, but in the back of my mind feel like I should just play along and pretend I agree with the doctors’ recommendation. Play it safe.  I guess that is better than the alternative.

I heard just this past week about a well-known young lady (I think 39 years old) with a late stage Ovarian Cancer that totally and completely snuck up on her.  Pray for her, by the way, if you think of it.  It must be very sad and depressing to have no eternal hope.  I don’t think she has faith in Jesus Christ although she certainly covets our prayers right now.

And so do I!

Hope it is okay to pop in with this random little update for those of you who still tag along!  I will try to be back soon with an update!


About Candace

Stay at home mom of three small kids (3, 2, and almost 1) -- about to embark on the biggest journey of my life.
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4 Responses to Quick Update

  1. NANCY Stone says:

    I will pray for you. I am sorry to hear the latest but feel confident you can overcome with praying friends. A.Nancy

  2. Carol McNeill says:

    I will pray for you. You are such an inspiration to others, I have loved watching your children grow up in the absolutely beautiful pictures you post. I know God will take of you!

  3. Krista says:

    Keeping you in my prayers! Have you tried acupuncture? Momma was told she would need surgery for a “frozen shoulder” and did not have the surgery after several visits with an acupuncturist.

  4. Lavon & Ralph Motsinger says:

    Thank you for the update. We will remember you in our prayers. God is still in the healing business & we commend this situation to Him for divine healing……………

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